How to play?

Select the game you would like to play, in the actual rounds. Create a multiple bet by choosing all the outcomes that can happen in your opinion. After creating the multiple bet, Optimize your game using the "Optimizer". Eliminate all the unlikely options for saving money and time boosting your chances. If you are ready, validate the bet in the review by paying with any credit card or iupay.
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What is La Quiniela?

La Quiniela is the football pools game of the Spanish State Lottery (Loterías y Apuestas del Estado). It is known to have the biggest football prizes in the world.

Why isn't there a jackpot this week?

Because the bookmaker company may decide to put a week's jackpot forward to the next week. If there is no jackpot, there is still a prize that you can win if you guess all the 15 matches right.

What does the amount of the jackpot depend on?

It depends on the amount of money the players pay to the national lottery company as stakes. The national lottery company takes 45% of total takings and puts the rest into next week's prizes. If nobody wins the jackpot on that week, the jackpot prize is put through to the next week, but it is increased with the previous weeks’ stakes.

What does a column mean and how much it costs?

A column means a single ticket in which the matches from 1 to 15 only have a single outcome(1X2). A single column costs 0,75 Euros.

What does a multiple bet mean and how much it costs?

A multiple bet is a bet that contains at least 1 double or triple forecast for at least 1 match. Matches from 1 to 14 can have multiple outcomes in our system, but the 15th cannot. A multiple bet's price(0.75 Euros) is calculated by multiplying the single column's price with the number of all  possible variations in the bet, which is determined by the number of doubles and triples chosen.

How to play the 15th match?

You have to guess the number of the goals. Guess 0,1,2 or M which means 3 or more. The 15th match does not appear in the "Optimizations". It neither can be played as a multiple match. If you wish to play multiple options for the last match, you have to create a second bet.

How much money can I save with the "Optimizer"?

You can save as much as you would like to. It can be even 90- 95%! You can even reduce a 2000 Euro bet to 30-40 Euros! The amount you can save depends on the optimizations you choose.

How does "Optimizer" work?

With the values given in the "Optimizer" you can reduce the columns of your multiple bet which also reduces the price of your bet.

How does the "Guide" work?

You can turn the guide on and off by clicking on the blue icon with the headphones. If it's turned on, it helps you with instructions and tips about the software.

What is a "Demo" game?

A demo game is an educational game, where you can play in a previous, already ended round without actually validating the bet. The purpose of a demo game is to teach the users how to use the software by going through all the steps.

What is the statistics button?

By clicking on the statistics button, you can see the team's recent performance, the result of matches they played in the past and their current standings.

What does the 1X2 distribution mean?

In 1X2 distribution you can see summarized, how many times 1, X or 2 outcomes are included in your bet for each match.

Where can I see the columns that I created in the "Optimizer"?

After payment, you will receive an email that will contain all the columns that you have validated. You can also check your validated games in My bets.

What happens to a bet that I started but did not finish?

They get into "My bets" where you can finish them until the offline deadline.

What is the deadline for validating my bets?

The deadline is displayed at each bet. 

Can I start more than one games?

Yes, as many as you wish. You can always validate them later in “My bets”.

How much is the service fee and what does it consist of?

The service fee consists of the transaction costs, our online bet forwarding service costs and the price of the software usage. The cost depends on the price of the bet. It is a small percentage of the bet.

What is the difference between online and offline betting?

In the online bet, we forward the bet to Loterias y Apuestas instead of you. All you have to do is pay and your bet is automatically validated.  Then you get your tickets in email. If you choose online betting, you entrust us to purchase the ticket on your behalf. The ticket is your property. In offline betting, you get your optimized columns in email and in a txt file. Then you can forward it by yourself to Loterías y Apuestas.

How can I pay?

You can pay with any credit card through BBVA virtual terminal or with iupay.

How can I pay with iupay?

You have to have a iupay account for this payment method. See more information on iupay's  website.

How does my bet get to the Spanish State Lottery (Loterias Apuestas)? 

We validate the bet on your behalf through our online bet forwarding service. The tickets are your property. See more details about this topic in Terms and Conditions. 

How do I get my prizes?

We do not take any commissions of your prizes!

- Prizes under 2500 Euros are directly transferred directly to the bank account that you inserted in payment options. 

- Prizes over 2500 Euros have to be requested at Loterias Apuestas. This process usually takes 2 or 3 weeks. We help you with every step of this process.

When is the announcement of the results?

The announcement of the results is in the morning after the last match. If it is a weekend round, the official results will be announced on Monday morning.

Where can I check my results?

You get an email notification after every round. But you can always check your results and even your previous bets in "My bets".