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The following terms of agreement constitute the terms of the agreement to be established between the User and the company operating the website regarding use of the service provided by the website, as detailed below. To establish the agreement, click on the "I accept" button. If the terms of the agreement are not acceptable to you, do not click on the "I accept" button and do not use the service. Use of the service in any form shall be regarded as automatic acceptance of the present terms and of the agreement, regardless of whether you have clicked on the "I accept" button. 


Website: www.footballjackpotmaster.com                            

The registered company operating the website:                                     


NIF/CIF: B93551646 in the Mercantile Registry of MÁLAGA

Registered seat: calle Nuestra Señora de Gracia número 26, local comercial uno, Edificio Mar de Alborán II, C.P. 29602 término municipal de Marbella (Malaga)

Service: The service specified in the relevant article hereof

User: The person who accepts the present agreement and uses the Service 

The Service

On the Website the User receives betting tips for sports betting from the Service Provider. The Service Provider does not perform any bookmaker or other gambling activities. 

 1. Use of the Service, account, account protection 

The User may use the Service as follows:

1.1. Registration

Registration is a basic requirement for use of the service. After login, the User may test and view the so-called "demo" version of the website, where they will not receive any actual betting tips.

Following registration, the Service Provider shall confirm registration via email, within 48 hours. Registration shall be registered and accepted when the confirmation link found in the confirmation email is clicked on.

The Service Provider shall in no way be responsible for problems attributable to data provided incorrectly and/or inaccurately by the User. The Service Provider shall not be responsible for damages arising from the User forgetting their password or the password becoming accessible to unauthorised persons for reasons not attributable to the Service Provider.

Please, do not reveal information related to your Account to third parties in any way. The User shall be exclusively responsible for preserving the confidential nature and security of the Account and for any activity performed in or through their Account.

The User undertakes to provide accurate, up-to-date and complete data (henceforth: Registration Data) during registration and use of the Service, and to keep those continuously valid, updating them as necessary so that they remain accurate, up-to-date and complete at all times.


1.2. Subscription

As a subscriber, following login and entering their basic betting selection users will immediately access our software for optimising bets, and upon request of the user the bet columns created using this software will be transmitted to the bookmaker selected from the list of bookmakers who are partners of the operator of the Website. In this case the User shall pay their stakes not to the Service Provider, but directly to the bookmaker. Subscriber users can also print their bets, which they may use freely for their own purposes but may not disclose to third parties.

The Service Provider offers weekly and monthly subscription packages to Users.

1.3. Using the betting tips

The User can access the betting tips and other data either on the user interface created through registration or by printing them at a bookmaker that is a contractual partner of the Service Provider.

The User shall treat betting tips as confidential information, which they may not share with third parties, and may only use for their own purposes, to place bets from their own funds.


1.4. Administrative Service 

1.4.1. Administrative service for playing sports pools and betting individually

The Operator provides an administrative service via the Website to users who wish to play football pools or other games of chance. By filling in the online slip and paying the bank transaction fee and the participation fee the User gives a mandate without further legal consequences to the Operator to purchase the slip on their behalf and forward it to the bookmaker company, claim amounts won with the slips posted on behalf of the User and pay these amounts to the User, unless the User wishes to claim their winnings by themselves.

Football Jackpot Master S.L. doesn't operate as a bookmaker company nor does provide any betting services.

1.4.2. Common rules of the administrative service

The Operator does not mediate the games of chance nor does operate as a bookmaker company and does not provide betting services. Instead, the private individual mandated by the Operator purchases the sports pool slips on behalf of the User – as a fulfilment partner –, in their own name, but on behalf of the User; wherefore all rights and responsibilities lie with the User.

The system sends an automatic confirmation of the posting of the slip (bet columns) to the User, but upon request of the User the Operator shall also deliver the original slip to the User at any time.

The User deposits with the Operator the amount destined for betting/sports pools, from which the agent of the Operator shall purchase the slip / place the bet in their own name, but on behalf of the User (consignment relationship). By filling in the online slip and paying the participation fee the User gives a mandate to the Operator without any further legal consequences for placing their bet, for which the Operator shall charge a commission.

By accepting the terms and conditions, within the administration service, the user entrusts the Operator and its auxiliaries to fulfil the payouts and payments instead and on the behalf of him or her in the aspect of his winnings and amount of money paid to the Operator.

Accordingly, the Operator is entitled to a commission for these services, which is included in the participation fee. The participation fee includes the fee for the deposit and for filling in and posting the slip, as well as all other out-of-pocket expenses and costs.

The amount deposited is not reimbursable. If the deposit (i.e. the participation fee) is credited to the bank account of the Operator, then in the interests of the other members of the group the Operator must use the part of the deposit destined for gambling to purchase the slip, and shall be immediately entitled to retain the commission.

2. Payment terms

The User can pay the subscription fee on the bank card payment page or via the IUPAY system. Card details are in all cases entered on the bank's page of the online payment system; therefore the Service Provider has no access to the card details of the User, and is only informed by the system about the success (or failure) of the transaction.

The Service Provider reserves the right to change the fee for the Service at any time. 

3. Data protection

The Service Provider declares that it shall respect the confidential information of the User and shall always strive to handle all data, facts, and information relating to the User confidentially and only use those for its own tasks.

Data on visits to the site (IP address, date and time, requested page), which are recorded by the server, serve only for learning about user habits, and shall only be used for statistical data collection. During the creation of data protection principles the Service Provider paid particular attention to the protection of personal data.

With regard to the Service the Data Protection Regulation of the Service Provider applies, which can be found on the footballjackpot.com website. 

4. Age limit

The Service may only be used by private individuals aged 18 years and above.

5. Intellectual property 

The User acknowledges that the Service Provider is the sole proprietor of the intellectual property represented by the Service. Reproduction of any part of the Service in any form and using any method or means is forbidden, unless this is expressly allowed under the present terms.

6. Duration of the agreement, expiration/termination/suspension of the Service

If the User has breached any term of the present agreement or the Service Provider has reasonable cause to suspect that this has occurred, the Service Provider may terminate the present agreement and/or delete the account of the User at its discretion, without notification of the User. Until and including the day of termination, the User shall be responsible for payment of all charges incurred and due in connection with their Account.

The Service Provider reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the Service (or any part or content thereof) without any liability towards the User or any other person for exercising this right. Insofar this is possible, the Service Provider shall give advance notice to the user about the modification, suspension, or termination of the Service.

The Service Provider reserves the right to suspend the Website and the Service for maintenance for 72 hours, at most twice a year, during which time the Service shall not be available. In this case the User shall not be entitled to reimbursement of fees.

In other cases, if the Service functions incorrectly for over 48 hours, the User shall be entitled to a time-proportional reduction of fees.

In the event that the Service Provider commits a breach of agreement, the User may terminate the present agreement with immediate effect.

7. Warranty, responsibility

The Service Provider shall operate the Service with reasonable care and expertise. The Service Provider makes no other declaration or warranty regarding the Service, and in particular does not warrant that:

(i) the User will be able to use the Service without interruptions and errors. The User acknowledges that from time to time the Service Provider may remove the Service for an indefinite period or may suspend the Service at any time for technical or operational reasons, of which it shall inform the User, if this is possible;

(ii) the Service will not be affected by losses, malfunctions, attacks, viruses, tampering, interference, hacking, or other harmful interventions that affect safety. Such events shall be regarded as force majeure events, for which the Service Provider shall in no way be responsible. The User is responsible for creating a backup of the obtained data.

The Service Provider, its representatives, employees, subsidiaries, agents, contractual partners, and clients shall not be responsible for damages and losses caused by the above persons – except for wilful damage -, particularly if:

(i) these persons have acted as can be generally expected in the given situation;

(ii) the loss or damage is not a reasonably foreseeable consequence of such infringement;

(iii) any increment of the loss or damage is due to the User having violated any term of the present agreement;

(iv) is related to loss of earnings, profits, or business opportunities, or the loss or damage of data in connection with use of the Service by the User. 

The Service Provider shall take reasonable measures to protect information provided by the User in connection with the Service, including the prevention of fraudulent use. 

The Service Provider shall not be responsible and shall, therefore, not be subject to any compensation or other payment liability in the event that the User suffers any loss and/or any direct or indirect damage in connection with such loss from the use of the betting tips received on the Website.

The Service Provider shall not be responsible for damages or loss of earnings sustained by the User due to the unavailability of the Website.

The User acknowledges that they have entered into the present agreement with full knowledge of the exclusions/restrictions set out herein and that they consider the benefits resulting from the present agreement as suitable compensation for the limitation of the liability of the Service Provider.

If the User breaches the present Agreement, the User shall be liable for all claims and damages arising in connection with the breach of agreement towards the Service Provider, its directors, office holders, employees, agents, and contractual partners.

The Service Provider shall not be responsible for failing to meet any of its obligations due to reasons outside its competence.

8. Amendment of the agreement

The Service Provider reserves the right to amend the present Agreement at any time and introduce new or further conditions regarding the Service. You will be informed of such amendments and further conditions and rules, which, if you accept them, will come into force immediately and become part of the present Agreement. The amendment shall be considered accepted by the User if the User continues to use the Service after being informed of the modification.

If the User does not accept the modification, the Service Provider shall have the right to terminate the present Agreement.

9. Notices

The Service Provider may send notices to the User via e-mail or by post, to the e-mail/mailing address specified in their Account.

The Service Provider is not obliged to notify the User by post.

10. Miscellaneous provisions

The present Agreement is the entire agreement between the User and the Service Provider in connection with the use of the Service by the User and supersedes all prior agreements between the User and the Service Provider.

The User shall have the right to propose modification of the present agreement as the general terms of agreement.

If any term of the present Agreement is declared invalid or unenforceable (including its nullification), is shall be reinterpreted so as to best reflect the original intention of the parties according to the applicable law, while all other terms of the agreement shall remain valid and in force.

Failure of the Service Provider to exercise any of its rights arising from the present Agreement or any term hereof does not constitute a waiver of the given term or any other term.

The Service Provider reserves the right to take any measures it considers necessary or appropriate to enforce any term of the present Agreement and/or to verify its enforcement. The User accepts and acknowledges that the Service Provider is entitled to disclose (transmit) the Registration Data and/or Account information of the User, without any liability towards the User, to authorities,  users of the law, government officials, and/or third parties, if in its judgement this is necessary or appropriate, within reason, to enforce any term of the present Agreement and/or to verify its enforcement (including, amongst others, the right of the Service Provider to cooperate/participate in any legal procedure).


All contents of the website are protected by copyright. All information and text found on the website constitute intellectual property of the operator and its staff and are protected by copyright. It is forbidden to market or sell for a consideration any content found here, or to gain any material or other advantage from them.

With regard to content found on the website only the operator is entitled to exercise proprietary rights. The operator reserves the right to disseminate and copy any part of the website.

Without prior written consent from the operator is it forbidden to process, reproduce, assign, disseminate, or sell the website, in full or in part, including any text, image, video, graphics, structure, program or procedure. Even with written consent, information found on the website may only be reproduced in its original version, with clear and suitable reference. Visitors to the website may download to their computer and print its content strictly for personal use, but may not make it available to third parties in any form. It is also forbidden to publish content from the website in advertisements or via any other media channels, or to present any such content as own work. 

The operator does not guarantee that all information available on the website is up-to-date, but shall strive to ensure their valid and accurate display. The operator reserves the right to amend information found on the website without prior notice, and shall not be liable for any errors they may contain.